Reconstructive Surgery

The purpose of reconstructive surgery is to restore function and form to damaged or misshapen parts of the face and body. The surgery can address problems stemming from any number of causes, including trauma, cancer, burns, congenital defects, malformations, infections. There is no standardised reconstructive procedure due to the varied nature of problems encountered. Treatment require analysis as well as a fully personalised surgical plan for each case.

Reconstructive techniques include:

Skin grafts
Flaps: To provide closure of any soft-tissue defect, a multitude of techniques.Flaps can facilitate the transposing of tissue excess into areas of tissue deficiency.
Autografts: In cases where local tissue is absent .Most comonly: cartilage, , nerve or bone can be harvested .
Expanders to transpose expanded tissue to place needed.
Scar revision
Facial injuries and lacerations
Facial skin cancers – skin malignancy surgery
Facial palsy – facial nerve repair
Reduced eyelid functionality – oculoplastic surgery