Other breast surgeries

Breast lift

Breasts lose shape and firmness over time. Mastopexy, is performed to lift sagging breasts and restore youthful shapeliness, as well as to correct asymmetries. For women requiring a minor lift there are techniques delivering a long-lasting lift that does not affect breastfeeding capability or nipple sensitivity.

Breast reduction

Reduction mammaplasty, provides relief from symptoms caused by large and heavy breasts. Excess glandular tissue, fat and skin are removed, and the breasts are shaped and lifted to be smaller in proportion to the body. The results should help relieve the physical limitations experienced prior to surgery.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples are a relatively common concern amongst woman. Surgical correction provides a gentle solution to rectify and enhance nipple shape without damaging delicate structures or leaving evident scars.

Tubular (or tuberous)breast

This congenital shape disorder in which tissue development is inhibited during puberty. The choice of operative technique demands careful analysis and through individualised treatment, tubular breasts can be significantly improved and aesthetically pleasing in shape and volume.

Autologous fat transfer or liposuction

Except minor changes in volume and shape usually are adjuvant methods for other treatments.