Facial Rejuvenation

There may be various reasons to seek facial aesthetic surgery. These include dissatisfaction with naturally-given features, congenital problems, the wish to camouflage scars and other outcomes of previous trauma, or a desire to reverse the changes that have occurred due to ageing or life events.

We provide the full range of facial rejuvenation procedures, such as face lifts, eyelid surgeries, lifting of the the brow and neck, fat transfer and chin implants. Due to our expertise in microsurgery and facial reconstructive work, as well as our advanced equipment and technologies, we have been able to refine treatments for all areas of the face.

Approaching the face as a whole – underlying topography, soft tissues and skin – we often find that more can be achieved with lighter application of several complementary surgical treatments in combination, rather than a single ‘all-out’ procedure. We perform facial surgeries respecting the balance of proportions and concentration of character within an individual’s face – the aim is to rejuvenate and refine, not to exaggerate.

Eyelid surgery

The eyes are the most important aesthetic component of the face. It’s the reason why eyelid procedures are among the most efficient ways to obtain significant aesthetic improvement to the face with relatively light surgery. Whether the goal is to remove excess tissue or enhance shape and volume. We’re using advanced methods that conserve muscle and respect eyelid function.

Brow lift

Is used for rejuvenation of the forehead and areas adjacent to the eyes, reversing the effects of sagging, asymmetry and creasing. It leaves only minor scarring that is hidden behind the hairline. As brow lift has a rejuvenating effect to the forehead and eyelids. When used in combination of face lift the procedure often gets a balanced result across the full face.

Treatment for facial and eyelid hollowness

Fat transfer, or surgical grafting, is used alongside the repositioning of soft tissues to revolumise deficient areas and restore structural integrity to the face. Using one’s own fat cells, has a wide application and may be effectively combined with other procedures, such as face lift and eyelid surgery. It is used effectively to counteract gravity by offering a light lift, and deliver smooth and youthful contours.

Facial implants

Facial implants are addressed to add or restore contours of the solid structure of face. Usually to change architecture which includes the chin, jaw and cheekbones. Implants are equally suited for use in the correction of facial asymmetries as well as for cosmetic enhancement. They are safe, give permanent, balanced results.